Adelino Matos

Member of the Board of Directors and
Shareholder of GP Capital

Adelino Costa Matos is the CEO of ASM Industries, a Group of companies focused in the fabrication of steel equipments for the Energy Sector, namely for the Renewable Energy industry. With his strong entrepreneurship vision it has made an MBO of the company from his Family Group, A.Silva Matos, in 2015. He is since December 2016, the president of Portuguese Entrepreneurs Association(ANJE).

During his professional lifetime Adelino has gained experience in many different types of businesses and transactions, namely through the investment in other international companies. Since 2007 it has invested in start ups such as Principle Power inc, a North American company that developed an innovative technology for deep offshore wind, in which ASM was the first institutional investor and today is worth 50M$, to a 7M€ financial participation in Preferred shares of a very large fund, based in Luxembourg and owned by the major Portuguese Pension Funds and Foundations.

Adelino Costa Matos holds a degree in Business Management from Aveiro University and an Executive Programs in Renewable Energies, Strategy from Universidade Catolica and also a Finance for Executives Program from Insead.