João Rafael Koehler

Member of the Board of Directors and
Shareholder of GP Capital

Until 2015, João was Managing Partner of Colquímica, a Portuguese company leader in the Iberian market in the production of water-based adhesives and glues, which exports 90% of its production. João had a decisive role being co-responsible for the internationalization process of Colquímica. Total revenue of the company exceeded in 2016, 80 million euros.

Until December 2016 João Rafael Koehler was representing the Portuguese entrepreneurs, being the president of ANJE - National Association of Young Entrepreneurs in Portugal. He was also the President of the Board of Directors of Portugal Fashion, the most relevant fashion event in Portugal.

João created his own consulting firm, advising multinationals in real estate projects in Portugal. Among several industrial projects in which he has been involved, is the recent creation of Elastictek. João has a wide range of investments, from real estate funds to biodegradable products and tech companies.

João is one of the “Sharks” in the Portuguese version of the very successful television program Shark Tank.

João Rafael Koehler holds a degree in Law by Universidade Católica do Porto and a Masters in International Relations from Universidade Portucalense.